“Hello Nicky,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Yes this was the right blanket.

I placed the parcel on his bed for him to open. Oh, how i wish you were there to see his face-he was so happy and smiling so much you could hardly see his eyes. He grabbed it, cuddled it, then said “tie it on me mum”. Then he grabbed his hat and sword and he was off displaying great confidence. Please tell the owners of 221 a big “thank you” from me. As for Turtle Beach Resort-ladies, women, mum’s and dad’s everywhere. If you have not had a holiday in a while or just have kids from teenagers down, this is the place to be.


If you have had enough and just want to relax too. This resort has a restaurant open early in the morning to late at night with really reasonable prices, so if you don’t want to cook you don’t have to. Also it serves lovely “Pina Coladas”. However if you would like to do your own thing, the kitchens are to die for. The resort also seems to be surrounded by different types of eateries and close to all the Theme Parks.

However what made this holiday special for our families was the wonderful service received from the staff at”Blue Sky Holidays”. I required special items in my room and Rachel was more than happy to help out.

But the person whom jumped hoops to help my little boy whom became extremely attached to a blanket in the unit. Nicky, from”Blue Sky Holidays”, did everything in her power to make sure his holiday was memorable, by sending him this blanket. She is an outstanding member of staff and should be commended for making our long overdue holiday truly memorable.

Thank you Blue Sky Holidays and Turtle Beach Resort for a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating time.

Yours Sincerely