Take a bite out of the best burgers near Mermaid’s Turtle Beach

If you’re staying in one of the apartments in Mermaid Turtle Beach, finding something to keep you occupied would be very easy. But if you’re raring to spot a good place for grub, you’d be pleased to know some burger joints are just a stone’s throw away, ready to feed the hungriest mates after a day of activities.

We’ve put together a list of the best places on the Gold Coast where you can have craft burgers, milkshakes and other deep-fried guilty pleasures.

Easy Street Diner (Mermaid Beach)

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Easy Street Diner is well known for its scrumptious flame grilled burgers and their jalapeño poppers are also a must-try. The place seats about 60 people and opens at 5:00 pm, closing at 9:00. You could enjoy spirits at 10:00 as the bar opens. Keep in mind they’re not open for business every Tuesday. Hours are a bit short so, if you’re coming in with more than 6 people in tow, you’ve got to make a reservation to save you from waiting.

Brooklyn Depot (Surfer’s Paradise)

Brooklyn Depot has a selection of vegetarian burgers that don’t sacrifice the flavour despite being healthy and are totally appealing to non-vegetarians. You could also feast on their skinny fries topped with homemade gravy that is great for sharing. Last but not the least is their handcrafted burgers that’s big enough to be shared by those with a small appetite and could satisfy ones who swear they could eat a horse. That said, this becomes packed at night. Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations, good thing there’s a parking lot nearby free for 2 hours.

Grill’d (Pacific Fair)

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Grill’d takes pride in its impressive lineup of beef, lamb, chicken and gluten-free veggie burgers. But If you want something lighter, they’ve got sliders and chicken schnitzels. Parents could get the Mini me pack so their kids don’t overeat. As for the sides, you have a variety of chips and salads to choose from. It’s best to try their famed avocado chips. They open at 10:00 am and close at 9:00pm making it ideal for both families and friends looking for a place to hangout and dine.

BurgerFuel (Mermaid Beach)

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When you feel like your tank has gone empty, BurgerFuel has humongous burgers to get you up and running. Now, they do have smaller sandwiches for the not so hungry and kids’ meals that comes with an oj. For those rumbling stomachs craving chicken or a vegetarian menu that doesn’t cutback on the flavor, you got yourselves covered, too. Onto their fries, those are thick-cut and you have a number of sauces to choose from. Pop by and try their kumara fries to find out why it is one of their bestsellers.

So, the next time you want a bit of a snack or could really use a hearty serving of that greasy burger, swing by one or try all of these joints to enjoy the other side of Mermaid Turtle Beach.

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