The Social Markets at Mermaid Beach Bowls Club

With the holidays fast approaching, you can expect tons of attractions to pop up across Mermaid Beach.

If you’re looking to make your weekends more exciting with food, music, and art, there’s no better place to head to than Mermaid Beach Bowls Club. Apart from the barefoot bowls which are free all day, they’re also hosting the night market happening from November this year to February next year.

Mark these dates and be sure you wouldn’t miss the night market from spring until summer.

  •    November 10th and 25th 2017 (From 4 PM to 9 PM)
  •    December 2nd and 8th 2017 (From 2 PM to 10 PM, 4 PM to 9 PM)
  •    January 12th and 21st 2018 (From 4 PM to 9 PM)
  •    February 3rd, 9th, and 24th 2018 (From 4 PM to 9 PM)  

Mermaid Beach Social Market Accommodation

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Keep Your Stomach Full

The market features a number of culinary delights from local restaurants. It is a great opportunity for foodies to try a little bit of everything. Not to mention, the raw atmosphere makes a good background for food photography. There are more than 20 food stalls which means you can try food from around 3 or 4 stalls every time you drop by the night market.  

Some Drinks

After a long day of working, you can reward yourself with a few beers or cocktails with friends. Drop by the night market to unwind, catch up and treat yourself to some retail therapy when you explore the different stalls while enjoying the laid-back and fun atmosphere.


You can get up close and personal with local DJs and musicians as they play music to keep the night market alive. Enjoy a game of barefoot bowls, dance, sit back, eat and explore more of the market while listening to original tunes.

Flair for Fashion  

Buying products by local talents is a great way to support them. You’ll see a lot of homegrown clothing brands at the night market. In fact, over 20 labels can be found ranging from vintage, sportswear, and casual wear, plus a great range of accessories and footwear that’s also available in the markets. It’ll be hard to come home empty-handed.

Artistic Side

The night market boasts a selection of unique homewares that many visitors have raved about in the past. Don’t forget to check each stall for paintings from local artists that are for sale. 

Some Reminders

The event is open for dogs & furry friends to come along but you have to make sure your pet isn’t going to get overwhelmed in crowded places. If you’re going to bring kids, they can have fun at the jumping castle and enjoy the face painting while waiting for the night market to open.

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