Mark These Dates When You Visit the Gold Coast

Many find the Gold Coast appealing because of the mishmash of activities it has to offer. Whether you’re coming to work on your tan or want a little adventure with nature tours and watersports, hankering for speed, or want to groove to music, there’s always something to keep you coming back for more. That said, you don’t want all that excitement to die when you face long queues, packed roads and unbearable heat. It’s best you get a few pointers so you know what to expect in terms of crowds, accommodation availability, traffic and weather to help you make your stay worthwhile.

Spring and Summer

In spring, everything seems to be telling you to do just one thing: enjoy. Gold Coast dishes out interesting events to get everyone’s motor running. For one, the much awaited Gold Coast 600 V8 race festival is happening in October. Sounds pretty sweet to be right there when it kicks off. But you’ve got to remember it is a big event anticipated by patrons both local and abroad. And to wow everyone, a lot of preparations would be made, which means you’d be getting around much slower because of some road closures and rerouting. That being said Surfers Paradise comes alive with live music, parades and a host of other great events for the whole family.

The Schoolies Week takes place in late November until early December so, you’d find youths at every turn. As they are bursting with energy, you could be sure toning down their merrymaking is not their priority. Around January till February, families would still be enjoying their holidays and definitely want to stay in hotels nearby which would make it quite a challenge for you to find one for yourself. Not to mention, the price of accommodation would be soaring. Everyone wants a little fun under the sun, but it could get uncomfortably hot, so be sure to get a bit of shade.

Autumn and Winter

The temperature would be more favorable around March until May. In these months, kids would have gone back to school and crowds in theme parks would have thinned. But that doesn’t mean all the fun would stop as Gold Coast still has a lot to offer. Check out the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and the International Marine Expo. Enthusiasts and holidaymakers could enjoy an impressive display of superyachts and vessels of different sizes. Complete your relaxation by drinking in the scenic background and taking advantage of cheaper accommodation.

The Bleach and Surfers Paradise Festivals are also held at the beginning of Autumn and offer a variety of activities throughout the Gold Coast, including performances, exhibits, parades and much more.

Music lovers all over the country and tourists could enjoy the Blues On Broadbeach Music Festival, a free annual event held during May. Don’t miss out on the waterways cruise and go jet boating to satisfy your need for speed. Take things slow and drop by the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Winter in Australia doesn’t mean just staying indoors. In fact, 15℃ is quite inviting. Try out activities in Hinterland such as taking a rainforest walk or go on a picnic to get a little warm. Stopping by South Stradbroke island via water taxi is also something you shouldn’t miss. Feel closer to nature as you smell the earth when you visit one of its camping grounds. You could also participate in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Come prepared

Basically, the Gold Coast is quite the destination all year long. Really, nothing should keep you from coming down however, it’s best to come knowing what to expect. The good thing is, no matter how busy the coast gets, you’ll find that accommodations are plenty and the good stuff to enjoy just overflows.