5 Reasons Your Whole Family Will Love Turtle Beach Resort

Blue Sky Apartments Water Park

Blue Sky private Owner Apartments at Turtle Beach Resort provides affordable family accommodation in one of Australia’s finest beach holiday destinations, the sunny Gold Coast. The Gold Coast offers something for everyone, making it the ideal location for the whole family to enjoy.

1. Children’s Activities
Turtle Beach Resort has gated children’s areas and a playground for children to play and enjoy. Also has 22-seat cinema with 4 showtimes daily with the latest kid moves available. Just check with reception for times.The maximum session size in 22, so be sure to make a booking at reception. Or try a round of 18 hole mini putt around the entire resort.

2. Splash Zone Waterpark
Turtle Beach Resort has its very own water park for children, complete with 4 water slides, water cannons, 2 toddler slides, a dumping bucket, baby pool and more.

3. Swimming Pools and Spa’s
Separate from Splash Zone Waterpark, the resort has four other pools and spas, including one with a slide, and an adults only pool, and two saunas.

4. BBQ Entertainment Area’s
Enjoy one of the 8 BBQ areas provided free of charge by the resort.

5. Activities
The following activities are located within the resort:

Games Room – Open from 7:30am until 9:00pm daily, here you play coin operated arcade games and table games.

Tennis court – Located on the southern side of the resort, available only by booking.

Day Spa – Massage and beauty treaments including hot stone massage, facials, and pedicures. Please make a booking via Guest Services.

Gym – Open from 6 am to 8:30 pm daily. Free for resort guests.

Restaurant – The Deck Restaurant & Bar is open every day from 7 am to 8 pm. Offers a range of meal options including wood fire pizza, salads, kids meals and snacks. Also available for takeaway.

As you can see from the list above, Blue Sky owner Apartments at Turtle Beach Resort has something for the whole family to enjoy without even leaving the resort. Please view available apartments  Alternatively, you can book online today.

Gold Coast Beach Safety Tips For Families

Mermaid beach safety tips

There are around 12,000 beaches in Australia and it pays to know how you can safely swim whenever you to go to one. After all, you’re at the beach to have fun, probably with family or friends, and the last thing you’d want is an emergency.

Learn To Spot Hazards At The Beach

To make sure you don’t encounter any, here are a few reminders on how you can safely catch the waves.

Mind the flags

The flags aren’t there for decoration, and you should always swim between the red and yellow flags. Ask the lifeguard about dangerous areas or ones you can swim in safely before going in the water. Also, there are a lot of signs on most beaches and information can be found in most resort hotels or inns, so it’s not hard to keep yourself informed.

Spot a Rip current

To not get caught, it’s important to know how to spot one. For kids and beginners, it can be very dangerous when they couldn’t swim ashore. So, when you notice a part of the water that’s dark and muddy, it’s best to avoid it or ask the lifeguard if it’s safe.

Don’t swim at night

You might be tempted to take a dip at night but you never know what’s waiting for you in the water. The rip becomes more difficult to see and if you do get in trouble, the beach isn’t patrolled at night so you would be on your own. 

Avoid swimming after a meal

You probably heard this a lot in the past and might have found some who disagree. However, it’s more advisable to wait for a few minutes before getting in the water. Besides, it’s more comfortable to swim when you don’t feel bloated.

Sea creatures

Some stories about Australian waters might be exaggerated, but it pays to be cautious. You need to know what dangerous creatures are found in beaches and how you could keep a safe distance.

  •         Bluebottle jellyfish – This bottle-like sac that’s dominantly blue and with a hint of green and pink are commonly found on Aussie beaches. Though they have stung many, it isn’t fatal. Some stings can be treated at home, except for severe cases.
  •         Blue-ringed octopus – When not agitated, the octopus is brown. Once its blue rings appear, it means it’s threatened and ready to attack, which serves as your cue to leave. It’s important to avoid them because there is no known cure for its venom and anyone bitten always needs to be given medical help immediately.
  •         Sharks – There is a huge effort to let people know about the presence of sharks in the water. Lifesavers inform beachgoers about it and there are signs and flags for everyone to see. If by some accident, you find yourself beyond the safe zone, observe the fish and if their movements seem strange, then you need to swim to the shore. But try to focus and not panic so as to not attract shark that might be in the area.   
  •         Stonefish – They’re said to be the most venomous fish in the world which means a sting would have to be treated right away. However, avoiding rocky areas where they live can greatly lessen the chance of being stung.
  •         Lionfish – They are found in shallow waters near coral reefs, so it’s best not to linger in those areas. Their zebra-like spines are really attractive but are also venomous, so you need to swim away, to not get harmed.  

Enjoy the Water

Going to the beach with your family becomes more comfortable when you know how to keep them safe.

So, plan your next trip, choose good spots to visit and take a pick from the many resort style accommodations nearby.

Need Accommodation In Mermaid Beach?

Blue Sky Apartments Mermaid Beach offer apartment accommodation that gives you a real taste of resort living with many great resort inspired facilities.  book online now today , what are you waiting for … book a Blue Sky Holiday today.

Best Activities In Mermaid Beach According To Trip Advisor

Best spots in mermaid beach as voted by Trip Advisor

Mermaid Beach is a favourite with many families. It has a relaxed vibe and getting there is quite easy, whether you’re coming down from the northern Gold Coast, Brisbane or heading up from Tweed Heads and northern New South Wales.

If you’re planning to drop by sometime soon, TripAdvisor has listed some great places for you to try.

If you are needing accommodation, be sure to check out Blue Sky Mermaid Beach’s apartments at Turtle Beach Resort. With many fantastic resort facilities and inclusions, you are sure to having a fun and relaxing stay in a beautiful part of the Gold Coast. Call now on 1800 100 633 or book online.

Putt Putt Mermaid beach

Putt Putt is one of the best family activities and it has 3 colourful courses called Fun Run, Jungle Trail, and Waterways. You can play golf with the kids and try the challenges to make it more exciting. Putt Putt is open from 9 AM to 10 PM 7 days a week excluding some holidays.   

Thai Orchid Massage

A massage at the end of the week motivates you when you’re tired. Mermaid Beach has one of the best places to get a massage. They have affordable and relaxing massages and they can also provide soothing facials. You can visit from 10 AM to 9 PM Monday to Sunday.   

Essence of Living Yoga and Pilates Studio

If you’ve never tried yoga, then you can start with Essence of Living and join their community. The studio is known for their excellent instructors and it’s located near the beach, so it’s easy to drop by after a swim. You can inquire about their classes from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Snooker World

You can try a few games, light snacks and feel right at home with the well-maintained pool tables and accommodating staff of Snooker World. Visit them from 3 PM Mondays – Fridays closing at 10 until late. They open early at 11 AM from Saturday – Sunday and closing at 10 PM every Sunday.

Board Culture Community Surf Store

The owners of Broad Culture Community Surf Store aim to support local brands have a genuine connection with customers. The shop opens early at 6:30 every Monday closing at 13:00. They open the same time from Tuesday to Friday closing at 17:00. They open at 8:30 every Saturday closing at 15:00, and start at 9:30 closing at 15:00 every Sunday.     

Gold Coast Backpacker Tours

This tour is worth a try for tourists wanting to know the city more but is on a budget. You get to visit the rock pools, waterfalls, and the forest and maybe cap off the trip by trying some of the local bars. You can reach the guides by checking their Trip Advisor review.

Ken Mansbridge Park

The park is named after a man whose efforts helped save many. Now, it has become a common destination for families wanting to have a picnic and a place for kids to play around with its many facilities. Since the park is open for everyone, many come here for a game of beach volleyball every now and then.  


Whether you’re looking for tours, relaxation, and other interesting places to see on Mermaid beach, you could just check Trip Advisor’s top 7 to get you started. While there, don’t forget to explore more, there might be more other gems waiting to be discovered.

Stay In Mermaid Beach

If you are looking for accommodation so that you can take full advantage of everything that the Gold Coast has to offer, consider Blue Sky Holiday Apartments situated in the heart of Mermaid Beach. Contact us now on 1800 100 633 or click here to view available rooms and rates.

Mermaid Beach’s Nightlife Hotspots

Mermaid beach popular night spots

Mermaid Beach has as much to offer at night as it does during the day. Everyone wants a quick getaway to somewhere accessible whether you’re coming from the north or south.

Mermaid Beach Night Hotspots

Mermaid Beach sits comfortably in the middle, so it’s easy to reach. Once there, enjoy its laid back nightlife and get the break you deserve. Here’s a list of hotspots to visit when you drop by.

Etsu Izakaya

Taking its name from the Japanese word for ‘pub’, you’ll be surprised to know their alcohol collection is far from small because they have a great selection of wine, whiskey, and beer, and of course sake! The place is ideal for groups with their dishes made for sharing. The bar has a red lantern that you can’t miss and is open 7 days a week from 5 PM onwards.  

BonBon Bar (Bonita Bonita)

Mexican food is always a good idea and a great comfort to have, and you can have it at BonBon bar. There are also vegan and gluten-free choices for more discerning palates. Tequila connoisseurs will also rejoice with its bar which has 100 tequila and mescal options. Visit BonBon bar from 5 PM onwards from Thursday to Sunday.   

The Glenelg Public House

Known for their great steaks, the Glenelg Public House has something for vegans, pescatarians, and also serve gluten-free dishes. The menu goes through changes every now and then depending on the availability of the produce so that tells you this place takes freshness very seriously. Their bar has imported and local choice spirits and they’re open 7 days a week from 5 PM onwards but start early from Friday to Sunday at 12:00 noon.

Mermaid Beach Bowls Club

People frequent this club for lawn and barefoot bowls, karaoke, and bingo. Their bistro opens at 5:30 PM for dinner and have been known for their lovely and efficient staff. The club also hosts the annual night market held during the weekends of November until February. It starts at 4 PM to 9-10 PM and the club is filled with food, cocktails, clothes and art stalls while live music plays in the background.     

Mermaid Beach Tavern

The tavern has a play area for children and is a great place for sports, racing and keno fans because they have designated areas for those. And after a good game or a nice chat with friends, there are affordable dishes to order and some cocktails and beer to try. The tavern is open at 10 AM until midnight, 7 days a week.

Easy Street Diner

There’s nothing like the smell of burgers and bacon and Easy Street Diner has it. You can invite family and friends to cap the week with mouth-watering burgers, loaded fries and the best-selling mac and cheese. The diner opens at 5 PM until 9 PM and at 10 PM, the bar opens where patrons enjoy American beer and other spirits.

Come and Visit

Discover the nightlife at Mermaid Beach and drop by some of these popular spots. And if you’re thinking of staying longer Mermaid beach has a lot of great resort style accommodation such as our apartments at Turtle Beach Resort, so don’t hesitate to spend a weekend for a little relaxation. We’re also just a stone’s throw away from the array of nightlife hotspots in Broadbeach including the Star Casino and many more restaurants and bars. 

View Blue Sky Groups luxurious apartments that are available or call now on 1800 100 633 or book online now.

The Social Markets at Mermaid Beach Bowls Club

Mermaid Beach Bowls Markets

With the holidays fast approaching, you can expect tons of attractions to pop up across Mermaid Beach.

If you’re looking to make your weekends more exciting with food, music, and art, there’s no better place to head to than Mermaid Beach Bowls Club. Apart from the barefoot bowls which are free all day, they’re also hosting the night market happening from November this year to February next year.

Mark these dates and be sure you wouldn’t miss the night market from spring until summer.

  •    November 10th and 25th 2017 (From 4 PM to 9 PM)
  •    December 2nd and 8th 2017 (From 2 PM to 10 PM, 4 PM to 9 PM)
  •    January 12th and 21st 2018 (From 4 PM to 9 PM)
  •    February 3rd, 9th, and 24th 2018 (From 4 PM to 9 PM)  

Mermaid Beach Social Market Accommodation

If you require accommodation or lodgings so that you can fully enjoy the Mermaid Beach Social Markets, consider Blue Sky Holiday Apartments at Turtle Beach Resort. You can contact Blue Sky Mermaid Beach on 1800 100 633 or book online now.

Keep Your Stomach Full

The market features a number of culinary delights from local restaurants. It is a great opportunity for foodies to try a little bit of everything. Not to mention, the raw atmosphere makes a good background for food photography. There are more than 20 food stalls which means you can try food from around 3 or 4 stalls every time you drop by the night market.  

Some Drinks

After a long day of working, you can reward yourself with a few beers or cocktails with friends. Drop by the night market to unwind, catch up and treat yourself to some retail therapy when you explore the different stalls while enjoying the laid-back and fun atmosphere.


You can get up close and personal with local DJs and musicians as they play music to keep the night market alive. Enjoy a game of barefoot bowls, dance, sit back, eat and explore more of the market while listening to original tunes.

Flair for Fashion  

Buying products by local talents is a great way to support them. You’ll see a lot of homegrown clothing brands at the night market. In fact, over 20 labels can be found ranging from vintage, sportswear, and casual wear, plus a great range of accessories and footwear that’s also available in the markets. It’ll be hard to come home empty-handed.

Artistic Side

The night market boasts a selection of unique homewares that many visitors have raved about in the past. Don’t forget to check each stall for paintings from local artists that are for sale. 

Some Reminders

The event is open for dogs & furry friends to come along but you have to make sure your pet isn’t going to get overwhelmed in crowded places. If you’re going to bring kids, they can have fun at the jumping castle and enjoy the face painting while waiting for the night market to open.

You can make your weekend more relaxing when you spend the night at some of the affordable apartment style accommodation nearby. Call Blue Sky Mermaid Beach on 1800 100 633 or book online now.

Spend the Day with Your Family on the Gold Coast

Best Gold Coast family attractions

Spending time with your family on holidays or the weekends is always something to look forward to. Kids are simply too busy in school and parents can hardly peel themselves away from work during the week, which is why it is important to take breaks. So, when it’s time to look for adventures, food, and entertainment fit for everyone, come visit these attractions on the Gold Coast.

A few great family activities you must do on the Gold Coast

Burleigh Heads National Park  

Kids can enjoy a scavenger hunt at the park. Scouring the place would give them great exercise and it is a fun way to learn about local wildlife such as water dragons, lizards, birds, and much more. Listen to the Yugambeh people as they talk about the history of the Gold Coast and Jellurgal (Burleigh Mountain). It will be a very enriching experience for both parents and kids.

Broadwater Parklands

Another great place for kids with a lot of energy is the Broadwater Parklands. Give them time off from electronic gadgets and let them play in the jumping pillow, run around in the giant playground or take a dip in the public pool. Visitors can grab a bite at nearby dining options.  

Sea World

Kids are always very curious and ask the most interesting questions. Take them to Sea World and it might just answer some of those. Watch Polar bears swim and enjoy world-class shows like one from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Get close to dolphins, seals, and penguins safely and learn more about marine life in a fun way.

Ice Age Mini Golf

If you want to introduce golf to your little ones, this would be a great place to start. Kids will enjoy an encounter with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures made possible by a motion sensor technology as they go through the course. The glow in the dark zone also gives a one-of-a-kind experience. The venue is fully air-conditioned and there are nearby restaurants to keep everyone’s stomachs from rumbling.

Gold Coast City Art Gallery

For a more low-key and culturally enriching experience with the family, taking them to the city art gallery will be perfect. Kids get the chance to observe textures and colors and it might inspire them to be creative. The artistic works in the gallery are from local artists and you can show your support when you pop in.

Enjoy the Gelato

The award-winning The Gelato Shop in Broadbeach has charmed many with its delicious flavors over the years. They serve waffles, acai, smoothies, sundaes, dairy and sorbet gelatos. Treat the family to something frosty and sweet or choose from their healthy selection. Bring the whole gang over after a hot day.  

Spend the night in the Gold Coast

If you find that a day is not enough to explore the city, you’ll love that there are lots of places to stay that are close to these attractions. Blue Sky Mermaid Beach offers family friendly accommodation within a resort complex at Turtle Beach. Mermaid Beach is already an attraction of its own and the resort features recreational facilities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

View prices and booking information

Best Family Friendly Beaches on the Gold Coast

Best family friendly gold coast beaches

They say the best things in life are free and cooling down by the beach definitely falls into this category. You may be there trying to catch some sun, ride the waves, or waiting to watch the lovely sunset. Whatever the reason may be, a little rest and relaxation always go a long way. Your family will surely thank you for giving them a much-needed break.  

Take a Dip in These Family Friendly Beaches on the Gold Coast


Broadbeah Gold Coast

In the Gold Coast, working on your tan is never very difficult as there are beaches left and right.  Broadbeach has a lot of good spots for sunbathing. Just remember that too much of anything is always bad, so do not forget to put on sunscreen and freshen up with some drinks to keep yourself hydrated.

When you’re famished from sunbathing and looking for something to eat, you would have plenty of restaurants to choose from. Visit one of the most popular joints called Elk Espresso, a coffee & brunch go-to for many locals. Blue Sky Holiday Group also has beautiful Broadbeach holiday apartments available.

Main Beach

Main Beach Gold Coast

If you’re hankering for some adventure, Main Beach has you covered. While there, try getting on a jet boat, fly board, or get a kitesurfing lesson! Remember that when you are on Main Beach, you should do as the locals do. They always mind the red and yellow flags because they know how the waves can get unpredictable.

If all those adventures got your blood pumping, you may want to feast on some of the fish and chips from the surf club or kiosk to fill your tummy. Now, if you’re setting your eyes on something more luxurious, drop by the Marina Mirage to have a meal with a great view.

Nobbys Beach

Nobbys Beach Gold Coast

Share a hearty meal with your family while looking at the clear skies and pristine waters. Although many want nothing but adventure on the beach, there are a few who are looking for a little quiet time to chill out and that’s exactly what Nobbys Beach is offering. That said, many find the peace in the area very appealing and even purchased weekend homes in Nobbys Beach.

Burleigh Heads Beach

Burleigh Beach Gold Coast

Dipping your toes in protected waters gives you security. The last thing you want during a family outing is to worry all throughout the trip. Surfers must definitely drop by Burleigh Heads beach and find out why it is one of the top spots.

This beach also charms visitors with interesting markets at every turn. If you’re looking for homewares, new clothes or unique handmade jewelry, you’ll certainly find something at the Burleigh Markets. You would think there might hardly be any space for restaurants, but you’d be surprised at how many magnificent restaurants and eateries there are in Burleigh. 

Stay Awhile

You will truly appreciate the beauty of a place when you’re not in a rush. Spend the night or the entire weekend at the Gold Coast. There are many accommodations available near  these beaches. Blue Sky Apartments at Mermaid Beach offers spacious rooms for the entire family within its resort complex. Lie down. Breathe the fresh air. Mingle with the locals. Make your time with your family and away from stress worthwhile, spend a night or two without distractions.

Check out our holiday apartments or view pricing & booking information here.


Mark These Dates When You Visit the Gold Coast

Blues on Broadbeach

Many find the Gold Coast appealing because of the mishmash of activities it has to offer. Whether you’re coming to work on your tan or want a little adventure with nature tours and watersports, hankering for speed, or want to groove to music, there’s always something to keep you coming back for more. That said, you don’t want all that excitement to die when you face long queues, packed roads and unbearable heat. It’s best you get a few pointers so you know what to expect in terms of crowds, accommodation availability, traffic and weather to help you make your stay worthwhile.

Spring and Summer

In spring, everything seems to be telling you to do just one thing: enjoy. Gold Coast dishes out interesting events to get everyone’s motor running. For one, the much awaited Gold Coast 600 V8 race festival is happening in October. Sounds pretty sweet to be right there when it kicks off. But you’ve got to remember it is a big event anticipated by patrons both local and abroad. And to wow everyone, a lot of preparations would be made, which means you’d be getting around much slower because of some road closures and rerouting. That being said Surfers Paradise comes alive with live music, parades and a host of other great events for the whole family.

The Schoolies Week takes place in late November until early December so, you’d find youths at every turn. As they are bursting with energy, you could be sure toning down their merrymaking is not their priority. Around January till February, families would still be enjoying their holidays and definitely want to stay in hotels nearby which would make it quite a challenge for you to find one for yourself. Not to mention, the price of accommodation would be soaring. Everyone wants a little fun under the sun, but it could get uncomfortably hot, so be sure to get a bit of shade.

Autumn and Winter

The temperature would be more favorable around March until May. In these months, kids would have gone back to school and crowds in theme parks would have thinned. But that doesn’t mean all the fun would stop as Gold Coast still has a lot to offer. Check out the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and the International Marine Expo. Enthusiasts and holidaymakers could enjoy an impressive display of superyachts and vessels of different sizes. Complete your relaxation by drinking in the scenic background and taking advantage of cheaper accommodation.

The Bleach and Surfers Paradise Festivals are also held at the beginning of Autumn and offer a variety of activities throughout the Gold Coast, including performances, exhibits, parades and much more.

Music lovers all over the country and tourists could enjoy the Blues On Broadbeach Music Festival, a free annual event held during May. Don’t miss out on the waterways cruise and go jet boating to satisfy your need for speed. Take things slow and drop by the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Winter in Australia doesn’t mean just staying indoors. In fact, 15℃ is quite inviting. Try out activities in Hinterland such as taking a rainforest walk or go on a picnic to get a little warm. Stopping by South Stradbroke island via water taxi is also something you shouldn’t miss. Feel closer to nature as you smell the earth when you visit one of its camping grounds. You could also participate in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Come prepared

Basically, the Gold Coast is quite the destination all year long. Really, nothing should keep you from coming down however, it’s best to come knowing what to expect. The good thing is, no matter how busy the coast gets, you’ll find that accommodations are plenty and the good stuff to enjoy just overflows.

Take a bite out of the best burgers near Mermaid’s Turtle Beach

If you’re staying in one of the apartments in Mermaid Turtle Beach, finding something to keep you occupied would be very easy. But if you’re raring to spot a good place for grub, you’d be pleased to know some burger joints are just a stone’s throw away, ready to feed the hungriest mates after a day of activities.

We’ve put together a list of the best places on the Gold Coast where you can have craft burgers, milkshakes and other deep-fried guilty pleasures.

Easy Street Diner (Mermaid Beach)

Snax on! ????

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Easy Street Diner is well known for its scrumptious flame grilled burgers and their jalapeño poppers are also a must-try. The place seats about 60 people and opens at 5:00 pm, closing at 9:00. You could enjoy spirits at 10:00 as the bar opens. Keep in mind they’re not open for business every Tuesday. Hours are a bit short so, if you’re coming in with more than 6 people in tow, you’ve got to make a reservation to save you from waiting.

Brooklyn Depot (Surfer’s Paradise)

Brooklyn Depot has a selection of vegetarian burgers that don’t sacrifice the flavour despite being healthy and are totally appealing to non-vegetarians. You could also feast on their skinny fries topped with homemade gravy that is great for sharing. Last but not the least is their handcrafted burgers that’s big enough to be shared by those with a small appetite and could satisfy ones who swear they could eat a horse. That said, this becomes packed at night. Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations, good thing there’s a parking lot nearby free for 2 hours.

Grill’d (Pacific Fair)

A little burgers done good never hurt nobody. #grilld ? @scoopla

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Grill’d takes pride in its impressive lineup of beef, lamb, chicken and gluten-free veggie burgers. But If you want something lighter, they’ve got sliders and chicken schnitzels. Parents could get the Mini me pack so their kids don’t overeat. As for the sides, you have a variety of chips and salads to choose from. It’s best to try their famed avocado chips. They open at 10:00 am and close at 9:00pm making it ideal for both families and friends looking for a place to hangout and dine.

BurgerFuel (Mermaid Beach)

Hello Monday. We’re just going to leave this here…. #hellodinner #hellosexy #burnout #burgerfuel

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When you feel like your tank has gone empty, BurgerFuel has humongous burgers to get you up and running. Now, they do have smaller sandwiches for the not so hungry and kids’ meals that comes with an oj. For those rumbling stomachs craving chicken or a vegetarian menu that doesn’t cutback on the flavor, you got yourselves covered, too. Onto their fries, those are thick-cut and you have a number of sauces to choose from. Pop by and try their kumara fries to find out why it is one of their bestsellers.

So, the next time you want a bit of a snack or could really use a hearty serving of that greasy burger, swing by one or try all of these joints to enjoy the other side of Mermaid Turtle Beach.

If you are looking for holiday accommodation on the Gold Coast that is close to Surfers Paradise, call us now on 1800 100 633 or book now.

Family Friendly Holiday Activities

Lagoon and pool at turtle beach resort

Turtle Beach Resort is a great place to stay for families, with easy access to the main Gold Coast theme parks and attractions, not to mention plentyFamily fun of resort facilities for the kids, such as the “splash zone” water playground, arcade games rooms, cinema, children’s playground, putt putt golf course, children’s day spa and much more.

There are also plenty of family friendly attractions and things to do close to your Turtle Beach Resort accommodation, making it the perfect place to stay for family holidays. Have a look at just some of what’s nearby.

Mermaid Beach

Less than a five minute walk from your Turtle Beach Resort accommodation is Mermaid Beach. The Gold Coast is known for its spectacular beaches and Mermaid Beach fits right in with the rest.

Mermaid Beach

No matter what you like to do at the beach there’s sand and sea for swimming, surfing, relaxing on the shore or even picnicking on the grassy area.

The beach is patrolled by the Surf Life Saving Club and has plenty of surf breaks for catching a wave. The Surf Life Saving Club is also a great place to grab a meal with the family.

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

One of the major shopping centre’s on the Gold Coast, Pacific Fair is just down the road from Turtle Beach Resort in Broadbeach. With hundreds of stores ranging from fashion to games, home decor, toy stores and more, regular events for the kids, a cinema and food court with loads of choices, there really is something here for the whole family.

Putt Putt Golf

If you enjoy the resort’s putt putt course you’ll love Putt Putt Mermaid Beach. There are three exciting 18 hole courses for you to play;
Putt Putt Mermaid Beach

  • Fun Run – Putt yourself through 18 holes of motorised obstacles and colourful characters including a spinning windmill, haunted house and swinging log.
  • Jungle Trail – Set out on a wildlife adventure amongst lions, elephants and crocodiles for this safari themed course.
  • Waterways – Putt your way through cascading waterfalls, pirate wrecks and tropical lagoons. This course lights up spectacularly after the sun goes down.


Lone Star Tavern in Mermaid Waters is a family orientated place for lovers of steak and chips with a kid’s outdoor and indoor playground.

Just up the road Broadbeach offers a huge range of family friendly dining options with everything from modern Australian dining to Asian culinary experiences. There’s 1two3 Mediterranean Dining Lounge & Bar, Aztec Montezuma, and Mario’s Italian.

Even Jupiter’s Casino has a Seafood Buffet at Food Fantasy, with kids under 4 years eating free for breakfast, lunch or dinner (conditions apply).

So if you’re looking for a great place to stay for the whole family, book online today.